6 Tips For Using Seeking Arrangements

How to figure out if your sugar baby is an escort

(Note: Seeking Arrangements is the same as seeking.com)

There are a few signs that a girl you see on Seeking.com is an escort or prostitute. Seeking.com prohibits prostitutes, but some slide through the cracks.

You can figure out if she’s a pro by looking at how negotiable she is, what she wants for money, and if she promises confidentiality. With sugar babies everything is negotiable. With prostitutes, very little is negotiable.



Secret code words in a sugar baby’s description

Veterans of Seeking.com know what to look for when choosing a date. But if you’re new, you may not know what to look out for.

After the photos, go straight to her written description.

First, if she doesn’t write a lot, that’s a red flag. You want to see detailed descriptions.

Tip: Don’t go for girls who paid for a premium membership. Hot girls don’t pay.

Second, the best words to look for are girls who say they are looking for “mentorship” or says she’s “trainable.” You’re looking for girls who are trying to impress you. 

Third, stay away from girls who say they are “driven” or “ambitions.” Also, don’t message girls who say they are into “luxury” or “fine dining.” Finally, ignore girls who state demands such as, “don’t waste my time if….”

Bonus Tip: Not necessarily good or bad, but if a girl says she likes “travel” or “well-traveled” that means she’s up for fun. 


Why should you join Seeking Arrangements?

You can date beautiful young college girls. All men ages 18 to 75 like 22-year-old girls.

But after about 35 or 40, we stop trying to pick up college girls at the local college bar.

But on Seeking.com you will have dozens of college girls messaging you. Most of the girls on Seeking.com are in college. And what’s even better is that they don’t want much. They may only want mentorship, help with paying for books or simply to be taken to dinner.

This is very different from girls who aren’t in college.


How do you set up a Seeking Arrangements profile?

Seeking.com is just like any other dating site. But the biggest difference with Seeking Arrangements is that you include your “lifestyle budge.”

Your lifestyle budget is your education, annual income, net worth, and how much you’re willing to spend on girls.

Tip: the more details you fill out, the more messages you will get.

Finally, besides the lifestyle budget, you’ll provide basic information such as appearance, personal info, photos, location, etc.


Is paying $89 for seeking arrangements worth it?

As a practical matter, you must pay to read messages you receive from girls.

You might think Tinder is better because it is free. No. You can try Tinder, but the guy-girl ratio is 50/50. Also, even ugly girls on Tinder will get 100 more matches than a good looking guy will get.

Seeking.com is so much better. On Seeking.com you’ll meet younger, more beautiful, and cooler girls. And girls on seeking.com will be eager to meet and hang out with you. They’ll meet you and not flake because you’re the prize on Seeking Arrangements. For every 1 guy on Seeking Arrangements, there are 4 girls – simple supply and demand.

I talked about this in this post: More Dates, Less Flakes


Have Fun!


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