How To Immediately Get More Dates

Sign Up For Seeking Arrangements

and Delete Tinder


If you actually want to go out on dates, delete Tinder and sign up for

When you match with girls on Seeking Arrangements, you’re gonna go on more dates than you ever have before. 

I have used Seeking Arrangements for about a year. There are 4 big reasons Seeking Arrangements is better than Tinder.

By the way, the only thing Tinder is good for is for finding out how many matches you can get in a specific city or country. But to do that, you must sign up and pay for Tinder Plus.


1. has 80% Response Rate

You’ll start getting notices and emails from and girls almost immediately after signing up.

You will be so pleasantly surprised that you’ll think it’s a scam. It’s perfectly legit, with over 13 million people signed up. 


4 Emails in 1 Hour!


Contrast this to Tinder

If you use Tinder, you probably get 50% response rates at best.*

*I have no idea what the response rates are for or, or because I’ve never tried them.

I just know the response rate for Seeking Arrangements is much better than Tinder.


2. Fewer Flakes on Seeking Arrangements

The girls you match with on seeking arrangements will meet you out.

If you match with a sugar baby on, and you two hit it off, she will meet you. She will meet you know matter what. She’ll cancel her plans with friends, clear her schedule, buy a new outfit, and meet you.

In approximately 40 dates this year, only 3 didn’t show up. You’ll be amazed at how eager girls on are to meet up with you.


Contrast this to Tinder.

The only things certain in life are death and taxes – and Tinder dates flaking.

If you have 40 dates set up with girls you met on Tinder, at least 20 will be no shows.

The reason Tinder girls don’t show up is that they are only on Tinder (and other social media) for validation. Most of the girls never intended on meeting you in person.

And it’s not personal, it doesn’t matter how good looking you are, young girls will flake.


Why Seeking Arrangements is Different.

Girls will meet up with you because they have the motivation.

Seeking Arrangements is a sugar dating site.

This means you are offering the girl financial incentive to date her. In exchange, you are getting a girl much younger and hotter girl than you would probably get otherwise. (without a ton of work and rejections).


3. Real Pictures on

Girls you meet in person on Seeking Arrangements will look like their pictures.

In fact, some girls actually look better.

First, there are not many frauds on Seeking Arrangements. Again, since she is looking for someone to take care of her, she knows she must be attractive to you. 

In fact, most girls will send you a video if you ask. 

(This is an old tip for determining if the girl you met online is real)

The second reason is that most girls post bad quality pictures. Most photos on seeking arrangements have a B roll feel to them. In other words, a behind the scenes feel.

This is actually good news. You never want to see professionally done photos, or photos with proper lighting, proper angles, etc.


Fake Tinder Pictures

When it comes to Tinder, a picture isn’t worth a thousand words.

If you use Tinder, and girls actually meet you out, you know that the girls who show up are older, heavier, or just different looking in person.


4. No Bullshit When Messaging Girls on Seeking Arrangements

In sugar dating, the relationship is mutually beneficial. In regular dating, the relationship is not always mutual because girls have many more options.

But on seeking arrangements everything is even.

As a result, your opening messages can be straight-forward.

Just say:

Hello ____,

You seem like the type of girl I’d like to spoil. If you’re interested in meeting, message me.

There is a 90% chance she will respond.

Unless you’re very good looking, you must say something incredibly good for girls to respond on Tinder.

So if your ready more dates than you’ve ever got on Tinder, sign up for – here